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Feeling Apprehensive About Life in Retirement?

life in retirement

If you’re heading into retirement or have already retired, you’ll know there is a lot to plan. But more than just finances, it’s important that you plan your lifestyle too – how you’ll spend your time. You’ve been working for the majority of your life and though the sudden halt in work will no doubt be a relief, many of our clients find that they soon get bored if they haven’t previously thought about how they’ll spend their time.

To get some more insight on the topic, our client offered some good advice in an interview for our client e-newsletter.

*Please note our client’s name has been omitted for privacy.


How long have you been retired?

Technically, 5 years, but as she describes it, the position she “retired” from is like the song Hotel California - once you check in you can never check out!

What was your occupation?

The Director of Religious Education at a local Catholic parish.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like for you?