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What to Expect at a Complimentary Consultation

meeting in our office

As someone who likes to remain behind the scenes and is fairly quiet most times, I also enjoy observing people’s behavior and trying to understand how they are feeling. When people come into our office for their first meeting with Charles, I enjoy paying close attention to how people act from the time they walk in the door to the time they walk out. And let me tell you - more often than not, the main thing I observe when people first arrive is that they are nervous.

When I think about my own experiences going anywhere for any kind of appointment, I understand that nervousness is a common feeling that surfaces. It’s completely understandable and valid! I find that the ambiguity of the appointment is a significant contributing factor to that nervousness. If you feel that way too, then hopefully this will help clear things up.


Charles will walk in with a big smile on his face because that's just how he is!


Here’s what you can expect to happen at your first appointment with Charles:

  1. You’ll walk in the door and Kim will be right there to greet you. She may ask you take a seat in our lobby if Charles isn’t ready for you just yet. Or she may ask you if you brought your forms and documents with you (if you are coming in for a consultation then you’ll know what I’m referring to). Lastly, she’ll offer you something to drink – water, coffee, tea, soda, hot chocolate, etc. and snacks. Go ahead, accept a drink. You can feel comfortable at our office.

  1. Next, Kim will bring you into the conference room and seat you in the chair facing the whiteboard because Charles likes to draw pictures for you...of cats (just kidding!).

  1. Shortly after, Charles will walk in with a big smile on his face because that’s just how he is.

  1. Now it’s time for business. Charles will start a conversation with you and the two of you will get to know each other a little bit. You’ll talk about family and work, your goals for retirement, and finally your current financial situation. You’ll simply have a conversation and you can expect Charles to listen to what you have to say. This is not a meeting where we silently judge you for how you’ve managed your finances thus far. It’s not a meeting where we try to sell you something and certainly not a meeting where we focus our eyes on the money in your 401k. This is a meeting meant for us to learn and understand you and your financial situation, and for you to learn and understand how we can help.

  1. At the end of the meeting, you and Charles will decide what would be the best way to proceed, whether that is to book another appointment where he’ll dig into more details and be able to provide you with more concrete recommendations, or if it’s to hold off for a little bit so you can consider your options. We won’t try to rush you. We believe that if you decide you want our advice, you’ll come to us when you feel ready to take action and when you feel ready to trust us.

  1. Lastly, everyone will say their goodbyes and you’ll be on your way. Simple as that!

Just as I observe people’s nervousness when they first arrive, I also enjoy observing the shift in people’s attitudes when they leave – it completely turns around. Whether you decide to work with us or not, everyone can benefit from a little financial clarity, just as you would feel much better leaving a doctor’s office knowing that the random cough you’ve had is just from a dry throat and not from something more serious! At the very least, if we can provide you with some clarity or sense of direction, then we’re happy and hopefully you are too.

We look forward to seeing you at our office soon!

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