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At least once each year, we will be in contact with you to review your accounts. We will always call you when your account anniversary is approaching, but you are also welcome to use the online booking tool below to schedule your appointment. 

Annual Reviews
Schedule an annul review or general meeting with Charles over the phone or virtually.
30 min
Schedule an annul review or general meeting with Charles at the Redlands office.
30 min
Schedule an annul review or general meeting with Charles at the Palm Desert office.
1 uur


We enjoy hosting a few events each year for our clients that are not informational, but rather are a time for us to get to know each other on a more personal level and are a space for our clients to connect with each other. We believe these events help to cultivate a strong community. We hope you, our clients, will join us, as these events are all crafted with you in mind. 

For safety purposes, these in-person events are on hold until further notice, due to COVID-19.


  • Cucamonga Quakes Baseball Game (2016)

  • Wine Tasting at the Joseph Filippi Winery (2016)

  • "Paper Purge" Paper Shredding Event (2017)

  • "Saturday Matinee" movie showing at the Laemmle Claremont (2017)

  • 25th Anniversary Breakfast at the Red Hill Country Club (2017)

  • "Living Memories" Memorial Event at Central Park, Rancho Cucamonga (2018)

  • Palm Desert Brunch at the Desert Willow Golf Resort, Palm Desert (2018)

  • "Paper Purge" Paper Shredding Event (2019)

  • Palm Desert Brunch at the Desert Willow Golf Resort, Palm Desert (2019)



Please note that, in addition to in-office and phone call meetings, the following resources are available to you as our clients.


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View From the Top is a seminar and workshop series that we at Mountain Peak have created to keep you informed on important and complex topics. Our goal is to help you feel as confident as possible throughout all your financial strategies by providing you with quality information, answering your questions, and connecting you to other professionals in the community. 

This workshop is held virtually via Zoom.



We are excited to find out how we can be of service to your friends and family members.

We've created a way for you to refer your friends and family online.

We'll contact them.



Please contact us immediately for any of the following:


When you need to withdrawal money from your account, allow 10 - 14 days to receive the money. Please call in advance of when you need the money. We may also need to send you forms. 

1099 Tax Forms

When tax season comes around and you need you 1099 tax forms, please be sure to call us ahead of time so we can get the forms to you on time. If you have a meeting planned with your tax preparer, you will need to ask us for your 1099 forms prior to the meeting.

Updates to:

  • Addresses

  • Beneficiaries

  • Bank Accounts

  • Distributions

When any of these change, we need to know. Please contact us accordingly.


  • Income distributions

  • Opening new accounts

  • Deaths in the family

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